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5% Profit goes to any Charity closest to Your Heart 

This is really a very special project close to my heart which combines my love for photography and charitable work. I have been working as a qualified social worker in various areas for almost three decades from creating and setting up various harm reduction projects through drug street outreach helping vulnerable people living homeless and on drugs to get off street and off drugs. I have been supporting people with various disabilities in the past before I settled in mental health where I have been working with vulnerable people with complex mental health needs for the past 15 years and I continue doing so up until today. I very well know how much of a positive impact various charities had made on so many lives throughout my journey and how many hearts these amazing organisations touched through their amazing charitable work.

The charities are and always have been the main pillars in the communities providing often life saving support to many people which is even more prominent and regognisable nowadays given the current state of affairs within our government. The government has made enormous cuts in various sectors, bled dry the NHS, social care and deprived many areas in the past few decades.

I can't stress enough how much impact various charities make in various areas. I salute all the people taking part. AND NOW YOU CAN TOO! 














Through HOPE FOR CHANGE PROJECT, I would love to take this one step further and give you my artistic helping hand to create an amazing memories and preserve all those memorable moments for you to remember through my photography. In exchange, I would love to give 5% of my profit towards any charity that is closest to your heart. I see this as a great opportunity of working together towards creating a better, kinder and more understanding world and society which is based on more equal and ethical values. 

This is also an opportunity where both you and all those in need would benefit from this project which would ultimately create a caring environment that sets an example to the future generations by supporting and promoting organisations that provide essential and necessary support to those in need.

By booking me as your documentary wedding or family photographer, you would automatically take part in such a great cause helping many people in very difficult and potentially threatening situations.

I really hope that by working together we can make a difference!!!!!

Just few examples of charities close to my heart: 

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