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Capturing the Real You

The Experience

''It is an illusion that photos are made with camera ..... they are made with the eyes, heart and head''. - Henri Cartier Bresson  

How it Works

How does it Work? 


Getting comfy and getting to know each other

I really want to make it as personal and easy-going for you as I can so once you contact me, I will make my time to arrange to meet you for a coffee, via video link or phone (whatever suits the best) to introduce myself and have a chat about the enquired shoot. I'd love to hear your ideas, expectations or even worries so we can work out the plan so you are relaxed on the day. 


I will run you through the process and explain  all the necessary bits and bobs you need to know.  And of course, you can literally ask me about anything.   


Being your beautiful selves

This one is the easiest one. This is the time for you to relax,  enjoy yourselves and leave everything else in my capable hands. You are free to live in the moment  knowing I am there to capture the moments into the meaningful photos so you can savour them forever.   


Getting your photos ready

This is my time to shine. It gives me the opportunity to select the photos to convey the best emotional moments into a story for you so you can treasure them  and remember forever. I give each selected photo all the individual time and attention to details to deliver the best quality.


Time for you to enjoy the photos 



Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

  • You are based near London, are you ok to travel far in the UK or even abroad?
    Oh hell yes! I love travelling and exploring new places. Just to even think about this makes me excited. Please, get in touch to discuss. There is not such place where I wouldn't want to shoot your wedding.
  • We just don't like posing, is it ok?
    If it helps, I don't like posing either but more then happy to shoot few staged photos if you wish. I will leave it entirely up to your discretion. I love to be creative and may have some ideas and direct you to get some natural shots. You will never hear 'Cheese' from me as I would much rather capture the real moments full of love, tenderness and laughter. I really care to make you feel relaxed and comfy as this is the only way to achieve the natural beaty in the shots.
  • What preperations should we expect before our wedding?
    As soon as you make a booking, I will arrange the initial meeting or video call if you live far away so I can introduce myself and you can tell me a little bit more about yourselves, your wedding plans and location. Roughtly about a month before your wedding, we will meet again and will go through the basic questionaire covering the final details such as running schedule, formal portraits and who you would like to get included and any other logistics on the day. I really like a little peek at the venue before the wedding if possible so I can think a bit more about light, surrounding etc.
  • Do we get photos in colour or black&white and how many photographs can we expect to get?
    I usually provide mixture of colour and black&white photos and choose which one is more suited. Every single image is processsed individually and in my own style. You will receive at least 400 beautifully crafted photographs for smaller weddings and over 600 for the larger weddings. I would like you to see it rather from quality than quantity perspective. You can be rest assured that you wedding will be craften into a beautiful story full of emotions and amazing moments to remember.
  • How long before we can see the photographs?
    I invest great amount of time to make sure I choose the right photos to create you beautiful story and, of course, to process all the photographs individually so it takes about 5-6 weeks.
  • What the heck is documentary photography?
    Very simply put, documentary family photography is a process of storytelling, a process of capturing everyday life as it is. Documntary photography shows the real moments, the real smiles, the real tears and the real beautiful you straight out of the package. These are the moments you wish to remember 20 add years later. No need for posing unless you really want to.
  • What should we plan and where do we go?
    Just think what your normal day looks like and what you would like to remember. Any activities or memorable places you would like to have documented? Try not to overthink it, it can be literally anywhere. It can be a location you usually hang about and love for some specific reason. Your home is always a perfect spot to photograph as it is always such a special place and kids will always want to remember their home they grew up. If you are still not sure, I have plenty of ideas where to go so hang on there and we will discuss when we meet up.
  • When is the best time for the shoot?
    Anytime really. There is never a perfect time, it does not exist. There is not such a think as 'perfect time' or 'perfect family'. It is the imperfection we should celebrate. It does not matter what season, time of the day or light available, it is the emotions and moments we always wish to remember. The time is flying by so don't wait too long, these precious memories are fleeing.
  • Do we need to pretend you don't exist? What to expect of me?
    Haha, of course not! I will become your family friend for a day. I will be there to chat joining in for activities but I will also sometimes just observe and take pictures. I will bring my camera and vision to creatively document all those moments of your time spent with your loved ones. I will laught with your kids, flinch when they hurt and then take picture!
  • What if my kids have short attention spam and often misbehave?
    Oh my God, that is perfect, let them be who they really are. I love their little pure souls, no pretending, no holding back of emotions. Kids will be kids and capturing their laughter and tenderness as well as their tears and little tantrums is beautiful part of life which won't last forever. You will see they are beautiful part of the story too and you will laugh years to come.

Let's Get You Booked

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